The Power of Networking and Smiling

There’s a power in networking? When I first came out of physical therapy school, I thought I would significantly enhance my career by becoming more skillful as a PT. I completed 170 hours for continuing education in less than two years. (Only 24 is needed).
In my next two years I completed 155 hours.

So basically in my first four years, I probably completed what the average physical therapist does in their first 10 years of their career.

I don’t want to discredit those things… But truthfully, my ability to smile at people and just be cordial has been more important than any skill that I’ve acquired.

Networking: Bridging the Gap

I smile, I ask politely, and regardless of the answer I smile back. That’s it.

Yesterday, when I was going through meeting the different exhibitors, I did what I do every day. I smile, I show interest in the people that are talking to me, and I smile and walk away.

Multiple consulting opportunities came my way yesterday just because I was nice… The majority of these people do not even know me as of yet… As of 10:30 AM this morning hundreds of people will know what I’m about after I present on my topic.

Because the hotel the conference is at was sold out, they had to put me in a hotel about 10 minutes away… And yesterday, I went up to the front desk, and before asking if I could move to the main hotel… I smiled, asked the person what their name was, and then said good morning to her. I then asked would there be any way for me to transfer to the hotel that my conference was at?

And she said no because they are sold out. I said to her no worries… but maybe I could check back a little bit later?

She said yes… And just because I was nice, she introduced me to her manager.
I asked what the managers name was, I smiled and said hi and I appreciated them looking out for me.
So let’s guess what happened two hours later?

Yes… All I did was remember their names smile at them and they got me into a beautiful room at the hotel that I wanted to be at. The power of the smile.. the power of just being nice to people.

Happy Friday everyone. Smile.