Tips for Getting the Right Physical Therapy Job

My first job was honestly with terrible pay but it was just a great learning experience and I had mentorship and all that other good stuff. At my second job, I actually got a 50% increase of pay but I was just so deflated because all the other thing’s weren’t in place for me.

That just created a terrible situation to where I nearly left the profession in year 3. Looking back now, being an employer for the last twelve years and being an employee for the previous three to four, I think there are some things that I could help you guys with to make sure that you do find the right job.

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1.)  Know what you want. Know what you want before you could go into that job interview. Click To Tweet

Make sure you know what you want before you even consider your job.

What do you REALLY want?

Do you want a career in a certain area?

Do you want clinical mentorship?

Are you looking for business mentorship, or both clinical and business?

Know what you want, because if you don’t know what you want, the only thing that you are going to go in is looking for a number and benefits package…

Just know what you want.


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2.) Know what they want.  if what you want is not what they want, that’s not going to have a good ending. Click To TweetBut if what you want is the same stuff that they want, then the sky is the limit as long as we can say number three, which is that there is upside and there is room for potential growth.

If you know what you want, know what they want, and they have made it very clear that there is room for potential growth, and you can see proof from other people that worked at that particular place, that there is a lot of possibility for you to grow in that company, then that’s setting you up for some amazing things.

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A lot of times, people think that they have to open up their own practice

Most millennials, like you, have so many great ideas and things that you bring to the table that a lot of traditional physical therapy places don’t know or have.  

You can be a benefit to them, and if they are willing to promote you, then who knows? You might be a partner for them.

3.) I would say are they innovative?

You really have two companies out there. As a consultant for practice owners and you have those that are just not innovative at all and are like, “Look this is the way we have done it; we’ve been doing this since 1986″ We are going to do it this way and we are not changing”and those are the clinics that are ready to go out of business and you don’t want to jeopardize yourself like that.

You want to be with an innovative clinic Click To Tweet Are they are trying new things? Ask during the courting process on what things they have implemented. Are they proud of it?

If the answer is “no” and there is nothing that they have done, I can tell you right now that there is a good chance that they are not an innovative clinic. Do they have email campaigns, text message campaigns, any type of patient events…. do they do anything?

Have they changed the things that they have been doing over the last five years. If they haven’t, they are not innovative. You are probably going to feel stale really quick with working with those type of people.

On-Site Mentorship… Is it needed?

4.) Do they have on-site mentorship? I don’t think it’s totally needed to have this part,  as there are many ways to get mentorship outside working at an actual clinic. I do think that on-site mentorship is of benefit and is a value Click To Tweet

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Think about those things that we just talked about. Know your career path and being in line with it.

Do they have massive upside? 

Are they innovative?

Do they have on-site mentorship?