Top 3 Physical Therapy Job Interview Tips

I have been a PT now for sixteen years and my first, second, third job interview – they went okay but I didn’t dictate the interview. The only part I gave a little flack was from my third job interview and I wanted to get paid a little bit more. I had no backing of why. I just did so many things so wrong. But now, after being an employer for the last 12 years and seeing the different types of people that come in for job interviews.


What you say in your interview really could make a difference on what you get paid. We go in as employers kind of having an idea of this is what we want to pay you and we know that most people won’t put a fight about it because most people don’t really value themselves; they don’t really have anything to bring to the table so they just say, “okay”. But, there are a lot of things that you could do different that you could do to really help your case and to make me say, “you know what? Yeah, this person should get extra money; this person should get five thousand more; this person should get ten thousand more” So, let me give you three of them.


First thing is this, please, if you want even to have a shot for a job, can you go and smiling and just be interested? Ask questions, introduce yourself to everyone, I know you are nervous and I get that but please fake it until you make it. Go in, smile, be interested, ask questions, meet the staff. Because I can tell you this, right away, once you leave, usually the employer is going to ask other people, “hey, what do you think of that person?” and if you just smile and say, “hey, I am Tony, what is your name?” just be interested. Go a little early, see if you can talk to one or two people, that might be the difference of you getting the job or not.

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Number two, I want you to come up with at least one way, potentially two, that you are going to help them grow their business. You are not going to that job interview unless they are paying you. They will give you more money and they will hire you if you can bring something to them. It’s just the way the world works. Can you offer me something? Can you bring something to me and if you can and I find it a value then maybe I can give you even more. That’s how it works. Can you create a wellness program for them? Can you help them with some partial social media account? Can you start blogging? Can you show them ways that you can bring more business to their company. Do you have a skillset, a gift, something that you know that could help their company immediately. You have to take advantage of this in a field that is so terrible with marketing, with leveraging, you can make an additional five, ten, twenty thousand dollars just by having a skill set that you didn’t learn in physical therapy school.
Number three, that I think is super important, is you have to let them know what your goals are and if they can help you with that. If this is your first job, your second job, and you know that you have aspirations one day to have your own practice, you have aspirations one day to become a clinic director, you have aspirations to do certain things, you have to be very clear with them. Can you guys help me with getting to that? Number one it shows that you are incredibly ambitious and we love that. Number two, it shows that you have direction. One of the biggest things, one of the biggest cost and expenses for us employers is HR and it’s finding someone that you know is going to be there for the long call. If I had to choose between two people and I knew that this person just had a better feeling, that this is person is going to be there for the long call, I am picking that person on every time, even if that person is not as good as this person over here.