Trials turn into Triumphs

I am so thankful for every trial that I have had, particularly my health trial. Most of you already know my story. Many of you have probably met me when I did a super Saturday, two years ago. I actually got a parasite, right after September 11th when no one was traveling. Kerry and I had just gotten married. We got a cheap flight out to Vegas because no one was traveling. The second day I got very sick, I had a seizure and from there it has been years of having stomach problems. Any time I was stressed or over worked it would make matters worse.

In 2009 I had just finished running my fourth marathon in San Francisco and for about a month after I couldn’t recover. I was ok, walking around, but I couldn’t get back to exercise and running. I realized I needed to see a doctor for this. I saw many doctors and one finally said I had no immune system. I couldn’t treat patients any longer. It was tough because all I knew was how to treat patients. I was a Physical Therapist.

Watch the video here: Trials Turn into Triumphs

All I knew was to treat patients. That is what we are trained to do. If someone tells you that you can’t treat and you have a business where you take care of people and you have a staff plus you have a following because of what you do with your hands, it becomes a tough thing. Without those trials, I wouldn’t have found Beachbody because I never would have needed them. I was desperate when Jeannette came to me.

I am thankful for those trials because without them, I would not have had to reinvent myself. Click To Tweet I had to learn billing, marketing, collections and administration. Everything else it takes to run a business. Without those trial, I would never have had to trust people like I do now. I have to trust my team. I thank God that I went through those things and came out of it, especially today having a full circle moment.

I just launched a course for Physical Therapists called Smart Success. The things in the course are things that I learned in my trials. The things most PT’s don’t know. This is what has gotten me to the point I am today. Thank God for your trials Click To Tweet Maybe you haven’t seen your trials yet. It could be months or years from now, we don’t know. But thank God for them.