Two Main Reasons Why You Need Mentorship

I want to talk about the two main reasons why everyone (including) you need mentorship.
Why do you need a mentor?

1. Typically, we won’t believe things until we see it. My goal for every PT or future PT is to get to a point where they could see their goals, even before it actually happens. That is why you have to have someone in your life, who has reached similar goals to yours and is already there. Every day when you are ready to give up and believe “I can’t have this”, or “I can’t achieve this”, you can look up to your mentor and see their accomplishments. They are right there and you have contact with them. We need to see that there are people out there in the field of physical therapy, that have made it and this is possible for ME!

2. You need connections! You need hook-ups! I cannot tell you how important this is. There are so many of you right now that already have a great work ethic. You are skillful at your craft of PT..and even if you aren’t, I know you are a hard worker, because you are getting through PT school (which is very demanding!!). So what you need now is to have people that can promote you and elevate you. I have had had several times in my career where I needed connections. Without them, it would not have taken me to that next level. In 2001, I worked with tennis camps in South Florida. That experience provided the opportunity to work locally at a place called Saddlebrook in Tampa, which allowed me to work with the #1 and #4 tennis players in the world over a four year span. That experience led to all types of connections. I was attending tennis tournaments, and watching legendary tennis players, which leads to additional connections with even more influential people.


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In 2009, I had an opportunity to speak at a small PT event. I could have spoken at that event 2-3 years earlier, but I just didn’t have the connections. I don’t care how good you are, you have to have people who will give you the opportunity. In 2011, I had submitted a proposal to speak at the APTA PPS Annual Meeting. Three times they denied me, but on the fourth try, they accepted my proposal. Of all the talks at my first PPS event I spoke at in Orlando (November of 2015), I had one of the highest rated talks of the event. That chance brought more amazing opportunities to my consulting business.

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You see now?? This is why you need mentorship! If you are around a bunch of duds, you are not going anywhere, because they can’t promote you. Once you get noticed, that is when it takes off.

Also, I want to protect you guys from the non-dreamers in PT. You don’t need to hear that garbage. You need to hear about possibilities…not limitations!!!

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I’m so happy to mentor you. Truly am. I will bring different topics every week to you. Topics that you need to accelerate and enhance your PT career!

Ok, now let’s get to mentorting!!
So for those that haven’t heard my recent talk on social media and how to position yourself as a PT using facebook and youtube, you can listen to a webinar I did. Just click here and put “DPT Student” where it says clinic name.