Who Drives You and What Drives You

What drives you? Or who drives you?

Since I have come back from my vacation I have been in turbo boost mode. I get tired, I do. I always try to remember the things that drive me.

Who is it for? What drives me are my kids, my wife, my extended family who counts on me. I believe that everyone has gifts. Click To Tweet

My Pastor believes people have the gift of time to give others. Some people have the gift of making money. We are business people who have had success in business. This is how I can bless and help others. I want my kids to see the work ethic that I have. I want them to see you can have a good work ethic and still be involved with your family life. I want them to see me working on a project and the time I contribute to it through its completion. I want them to see my project from start to finish.

When I started at Renewal Rehab, they were very little or not born yet. I don’t think they understand the grind that was put in. However; this course, the venture and website is good for them to see. They are what drives me. The profession of Physical Therapy is driving me right now, as well. I believe the profession is in a very unstable state currently. Who drives you? I am not saying you have to have four kids, or an extended family that relies on you. There will be times when you are not going to want to do the things that you need to do. There are times when you will need something to push you. Click To Tweet

Watch the video here: Who drives you and what drives you?

What are you doing it for?

Who are you doing it for?

Maybe you would like to have a family one day. Or you do have kids, parents or a family member who have helped you to get to where you are right now. You want to be able to pay them back. You want to be able to show them you appreciate them and that you want to do something for them. My mother has been a huge support system for me. I would love to do something very special for her just because she is my mom. As you get older and you can look at the profession that has given you so much, you may want to say I want to help people. Maybe you will be there one day, I don’t know. This is something to think about.

What drives you and who drives you?

Those days when you get tired and fatigued and you can’t go on anymore; you will have to pull from those that drive you. Yesterday, I was up early talking to those who are finalizing my videos and getting the ads ready. I didn’t want to come and have to work out. I knew that would not set a good example for my kids, my staff and now my followers of physical therapist. Keep in mind those who drives you or what drives you 'cause when you get tired, you need to pull… Click To Tweet