Physical Therapy Career Tip – Create a Winning Culture

There’s a certain thing that is really important to understand for any type of business. It’s essential to know that you are in a group/community that is creating a winning culture.  You have to create a winning culture.

Maybe you think it’s about you getting an extra $10,000 or earning better insurance or dental benefits. It is not about that; you might think, “Look dude, I need that to pay my rent or my my mortgage”  Honestly, what keeps you at that job is if they allow you to win.

With my first job, I worked my ass off for those people. We were seeing 4 patients every single hour. No techs and no PTAs.  As it came up for my raise time,  I thought I was going to get at least 4%, but they only gave me 1.5%. At that time I was making $39,500 a year as a physical therapist, for my first job.  I asked my boss, how can I move up?

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She’s like, “Well, honestly you can’t really move up a lot as a PT, you are going to have to get into management.”

I am like, “Okay, so how do I get in management and become a clinic manager? Can I still treat patients?”

She said,“Yes you still treat patients, but you will just have extra responsibility”

Me: “Okay, so how can I get that?”

She said, “I don’t have that for you right now.” Which told me that they were not really putting me in a situation where I can currently win more.

Guess what? I bounced.

I got a job at the age of 24 where I was a clinic director. That job made me move to Tampa. If that was the only way that I could win because I didn’t know any better, that’s what I needed to do. So, at the ago of 24, I became a clinic manager for a company called Kessler.

I am working with a company, I am doing my thing and getting a pretty big raise, I am totally out of my comfort zone because I am a 24 year old dude being the boss of 40-50 year old people. It was rough, and it was hard for me but I grew up, learned from it, pushed myself, and got to that point like, “okay, what’s next for me? How can I better myself?”

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At this point I am not thinking about people, I am thinking how can I better myself. And I realizee there was nowhere for me to go with this place. So I bounced about 1.5 years later,  because they weren’t putting me in a position to win more.  So the next job was something similar but it was to open up a brand new clinic for a company called CORA.

I went and I opened up that clinic plus that is what allowed me to work with tennis players. It wasn’t money, it was that I wanted to win. I wanted to feel that I was moving forward. I worked for CORA for about a year and a half, actually liked it because I was working with the tennis players. Everything is cool but the place got busy, and I did everything they wanted and more but I said, “Okay, what’s the next step?”

They are like, “Greg, you can’t make any more money unless you become a regional manager and you are not treating anymore.” 

They put me in a situation where I couldn’t win as a treating physical therapist.


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I wanted to be great as a treating PT.  We all want to get rewarded for that. Honestly, I was willing to go to any course. I was willing to teach anybody or do all that stuff. But they didn’t put me in a situation to win so I had to go and open up my own place. And the cool thing of having your own place is that you are now in control of how much you win. It was never about money for me.

We have always thought it’s about money, but it’s never about money. And now for me as an employer for the last 12 years, I have to constantly put my employees in a situation to win every single time. If I don’t they will start to drop off. My people, they are not dropping off now, and you know why? Because I have taken my energy and efforts from me winning to saying how are you guys are going to win now.

What does it all mean to you guys? What that means is this… If you go in a job interview and you are talking to your potential employer about you putting in a program that can help them and help you and they are totally against it, that means that they don’t want you to win. Please understand that. When your employer doesn’t want you to win, you have lost. Click To Tweet

I don’t really know how else to say it, but you are in a losing situation. When the people around you, your team members, and people that you work with don’t want you to win, that means you are in a bad situation. That means you need to get out as soon as possible. Because what I have learned is that when my employees are winning, that means that I am winning too.

When people hear about the types of bonuses, and the types of incentives that I give my staff, they are shocked….

Most employers are short sighted, thinking that if they give more they are going to get less, and they just don’t understand that concept. They are not willing to give anything because they don’t understand it. That’s the problem that we are in right now in the field of physical therapy.

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People are like, “I am not giving everybody free information before you come and pay me for services.” Well then you don’t get anything. “I am not going to give my employees extra amount of dollars per month in bonuses”

Well fine,  you are going to get the minimum from them. You have to be willing to give in order to get.


If You Win, I Win.

I put people in a situation where they can win. If you don’t work for an employer that wants you to win, you need to remove yourself from that situation ASAP.

If you are in a situation where they are expecting you to lose or they are not putting you in a situation for you to win. It is not a good for you to be there.

The one analogy that I am going to give you is this.

We are in a timeout, it’s the fourth quarter of the game, we are losing by one, coach runs a play – let’s just say I am the worst three point shooter on the team, and let’s just say Tyler is the best three point shooter in the team.

Coach gets in the huddle and says, “We want Greg to shoot this three to win the game.”

Me: “But wait, coach, we are only down by one, give it to Tyler he is the best three point shooter”


Coach wants us to lose.

If your boss is not putting you in a situation for you to win, then you are constantly losing. You know what happens? Now you are like, “there’s nothing for me in my career; there’s nowhere for me to go” you start putting down patients, you start coming to work with no energy,

You start to say things like, “Screw this; let’s just discharge; you are done with therapy” that’s what is happening to the profession now….I’m seeing it and hearing it all the time now. 

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Everybody is in a situation of losing and not winning. Yet nobody is saying “I am going to take that extra money because I can’t win anyway”

Make sure you put yourself in a situation where you are winning all the time. Click To Tweet Put yourself around people that are winning. Get around mentors that are always winning. Surround yourself with people that can take you to the next level because if you win, they should be winning as well.