Testimony in your Trials: A personal Experience

Trials become your Testimony

God is so good. God is so faithful. I sit here writing this blog on the plane, as I just finished up an amazing two days in Massachusetts with a very established Physical Therapy Clinic that just wanted my help to make them even better than they are now. The owner has been in Physical Therapy Practice for… Wait for it… 40 years!!!! 40 freaking years!!!! And he’s still a student, still learning, still evolving and still open to new ideas. WOW! Its a testimony of what I have achieved so far.

So the deal with me is that I decline more consulting opportunities than I accept. Money is not a driving force for me…my family and my health are my number 1 priorities..straight up.
I spend more time mentoring physical therapy students (who currently don’t pay me a damn thing) than I do with Private Practice Owners… But something told me to accept this guy’s offer. I don’t know if it was God or what… I just know that it was something.

Now I know why… Because I was specifically made for this particular job. No one else could have done this. That’s what makes me emotional as I write this….

Let me explain.

My 15 year career as a PT has basically made me a jack of all trades… And Master of many… Yes I said it. Master of many.

I have worked in Corporate Outpatient as a staff PT, clinic director and opened up a new clinic for a corporation.

I’ve worked with professional athletes and had a pretty long run with the Tennis Tour.

I’ve worked in an assisted living facility.

I’ve owned my own practice.

I’ve had to hire/fire people.

I have had to constantly change my marketing approach to stay relevant in the community.

Because of my physical illness, I’ve had to re-invent myself and learn billing and administration. If I didn’t, I would’ve had to leave my company.

I can handle 90% of IT issues.

I’m a technology geek that has learned to incorporate my knowledge as a physical therapist to leverage my influence.

In the humblest way I can say it… I’ve been around the block with everyone.

And that’s why I was the only person that could’ve done this for THEM!

The Owner had me talk to 3 different groups of people privately in 3 different meetings. We all TOTALLY connected… And you know why? Because I’ve been in all of their shoes. At the end of the day, the entire staff came together to wrap up the day, and to come up with a plan of action.

Everyone was on the same page…EVERYONE!

And now I sit here thanking God for all the trials I’ve gone through… Pulling me constantly out of my comfort zone. Forcing my hand to do some really uncomfortable things so I could keep my business going… I realize now, that if all those things never happened, I couldn’t have pulled off what I did for these people this weekend.

So… That’s my story…. What’s your story?

Do you feel like you are going through trials and it just doesn’t make sense?


You just have to find some way to get through it…because your current trials are going to serve as experience for you to mentor someone in a particular way that only YOU can relate to them.
That’s it..Your tests and trials will become your TESTIMONY and the most powerful way for you to impact and influence others.

On a side note, I saw snow fall for the first time in my life. It was as amazing as I thought it would be. Even better is I’m back home now.